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Our Mission

To assist and empower individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism, so they can live a fulfilling, productive, and independent life. 

Our Vision 

To build and sustain a system of support that will enable individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism to meet and exceed their personal objectives. 

Our Story

Personal life experience along with a genuine concern for welfare of others landed us where we are today. 

Our son Mark, gave us the passion and drive we needed to become involved.  Our journey began in the delivery room with Mark being left in distress for hours and was code blue upon delivery.  At the age of 6, he was diagnosed as Intellectually Disabled. 

At the age of 14, Mark was re-evaluated to check his progress.  We were told that Mark would continue to require special education services and would never be able to work at a competitive job following high school.  His prognosis for living independently was poor and if Mark did not remain at home, he would be a candidate for a group home.

At the age of 19, Mark was able to move into his own apartment close to home and start a part time job at Home Depot.  With the support from us and Lingroup staff he has learned to be very independent.  Mark's future still presents many challenges, but we feel he is heading in the right direction. 

At the age of 30, Mark moved into his own home with his brother. Even though he lives with his brother, he does not want to depend on him solely and continues to work with his staff from Lingroup for his everyday needs and socialization. 

LinGroup has been in business since 2009 and hopefully, after learning more about us and what we have to offer as an organization, you will find comfort in giving us the opportunity to assist you and your family on this journey. 

Our Services

The services we provide are Home and Community Services

For more information please click here or contact us at 484-620-6921!

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